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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hawaii, Part Two: All the other awesomeness!

Here is part two from our other days/outings in Hawaii. Suffice it to say, we had a spectacular time (minus Blaine battling a stomach bug for a few days) and we are pretty much sold on the fact that Hawaii is heaven on earth. I mean, this is a place where you can hike some serious mountain terrain in the morning and then spend all afternoon on an amazing beach. I especially appreciate how all of the beaches and trails are free and open to the public (also free parking abounds) without all kinds of payment/safety/permitting hullabaloo. It's pretty much go at your own risk, and the number of beach accesses is pretty sweet.

February 1st:

Gennie and Blaine scope out the jump off plank

Pele's chair

February 2nd:

Volcom Pipe Pro Surf competition, final day

Volcom house

Pipeline breaking backdoor...way bigger than it looks here

You can see a guy on a wave here to give it some perspective

Headed out to Lanikai to just relax on the beach later in the afternoon. This location is pretty close to where Gennie lives:
Mokes in the evening

February 3rd:

Stairs of Doom at Coco Crater. Steps are only about 3/4 of a mile, but they gain 1000' in that distance, so it made for a nice hike up to the crater's rim.

Straight up

Looking back on the way up. Waikiki below

Coco Crater Rim

Solid view

Gennie joins at the top (Blaine sat this one out after giving it a go, due to her stomach bug)

Hot day! Random Aussie on the left


Going down

This part was a little hairy...the gaps and the bees

Don't miss a foot

This hill
 After the hike, Blaine, Gennie and I headed to the Elks Lodge (Gennie is a member I guess?!?) and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in style:


Pina Colada (necessary umbrella drink pic)

February 4th, Our beach day:

The Mokes at Lanikai

"Put a Moke on it"

Blaine, finally feeling a bit better!

Strapping down the important passenger

A kayak afforded view of Pill Boxes and Lanikai

Paddling out to the Mokes

February 5th:

We headed to the North Shore and rented stand-up paddle boards. Here's Blaine rocking it

Waimea Bay



Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hawaii, Part One: Olomana

Life is hard! Blaine and I are down in Hawaii, vacationing for the week and visiting our friend Gennie. Winter in Hawaii, does not feel like winter in Oregon, that's for sure! Yesterday was our first full day here on the southeast side of the island of Oahu, and we already got our vacation started off right!

Typically, when visiting people in new locations, when I've headed out for a "hike", I've come to expect a laid back stroll through a fairly groomed trail in the woods to some better known, more touristy, destinations. Luckily, Gennie has a pretty dialed in sense of what we like. Upon waking up at her place in Kailua, she pointed to the three sharp peaks behind her house and said, "that's where we're headed!"
Gennie's place, where we're staying and then peaks 3, 2, and 1 from left to right

I immediately got that giddy stomach feeling of anticipation. I'm not sure I've ever climbed such an aesthetically pleasing knife-ridge. All in all, the route was only a little over two miles out and back (so around 4.5 total) but it gained about 2,500' and almost 2000' of that would come in a short 1.5-2 mile section from the base of peak 1, where the trail pitches up a fall line, all the way to peak 3.

We joined up with some of Gennie's friends for this outing, and we had a blast. What makes this hike so interesting is that it's fairly technical (sections of the ridge were roped off and required some 5th class scrambling that felt pretty exposed) but it affords a nearly constant view of the tropical beaches that line Kailua. Adrenaline, high stoke level, and worked muscles were had by all. Here are more pics from the outing:

Blaine, Eric, and Dylan (Gennie's friends) just heading to the base of the first climb

Gennie looking scared, Seth behind Blaine

Going up!

Eric checks out the view on the way up the first peak

Things starting to get technical...Gennie heads up 

Peaks 2 and 3 from peak 1

view from peak 1

ridge proper

panoramic view from summit of peak 1. Kailua on the far left, peaks 2 and 3 ahead


The route continues directly along the ridge of peaks 2 and 3

Seth heading up peak 2. You can see the rest of the crew in the distance heading down peak 1

looking back on the first

Gennie and Eric join on the second

Blaine! Getting it done
The ominous peak 3 is pictured below...if you look in the distance of the next two pics, you can see the ridge that forms the inside rim of the caldera. The peaks we're hiking, and the island itself, are actually the center of a volcano...which is crazy to think about.

Dylan scopes the peak to come

One of the more hairy sections at the keyhole between the second and third...a "no fall" zone.

Key hole

the view throughout the ridgeline hike

peak 3 view

Headed back from where we came, down peak 3 to peak 2

shot of the hike

rope descent

Our fearless guide

Blaine inside of a cool tree on the way out
 How you finish a good day's hike:

Beers and chips on the beach
 I love this series of Blaine running and flitting about on the beach : ):

Moon rise

End of day 1